Existential Reflection Module (ENG)


Existential Reflection Module (ENG)



Many (young) professionals struggle with the relationship between the professional position of the person and who that person really is as a person. This imbalance can have major consequences, such as increasing issues of meaning, (self) alienation, lack of energy and motivation, tensions in the workplace and burnouts. From the point of personal well-being as well as in the context of professional performance, it is therefore highly recommended to constructively examine who you are as a person, which values you are driven by and what this means in concrete terms for your professional performance and therefore your life’s mission.

Katharsis Academy has developed a module that serves justice to the essence of the individual and supports them to fully live their true life. The essence of the participant is brought to light through assignments that provide step-by-step insight into the values that actually drive the participant and their significance for personal well-being. Subsequently, concrete tools are provided with which the personal essence and professional life can be aligned.

The module integrates experiences in the field of business and education with perspectives from business sciences and humanities. The latter includes philosophy, sociology, psychology and meaning. As a result, the existential insights that are gained are connected in a clear and workable way to  professional life and personal questions that the participant actually is dealing with.

The module consists of carefully constructed assignments that can be completed independently at own pace. In addition, as part of the module, two hours of  consultation are offered by telephone or on location, which can be scheduled at a time and day of choice. This consultation can be used when carrying out the assignments, when it is desirable to discuss the outcomes or when you are struggling with issues and emotions that you cannot resolve. Through the module and the associated consultation, a foundation is laid with which the participant can take steps in life in a sustainable and free manner, both privately and in a professional sense.

What does the module consist of?  

The module includes:

  • a module manual;
  • nine assignments with tips and examples;
  • an excel file in which the answers can be entered and the results measured;
  • two hours of free telephone or in-person consultations with Katharsis Academy.

What questions can I work on in the module?

You can use the module to develop or work on questions that are relevant to you, both personally and professionally. Some examples:

  • How do I create more balance in terms of work and my personal life?
  • What study or career path should I choose?
  • How do I deal with conflicts?  
  • How can I reach my full potential in my career?
  • What is the reason why some patterns in my life are repeating?
  • How do I deal with loss, feeling powerless, hopeless and/or not being able to deal with my trauma(’s)?
  • What is the meaning of my sorrow, anger, anxiety for example and how do I deal with it?

How much time is needed to complete the module?

This varies strongly per person. Some complete the module in one day. Others need more time.This is all related to the situation they are in. However, the methods and tools provided in the module can then be used as long as needed; they remain relevant for your questions in the future.

What do I gain from this module?

  • You will gain deep insight in your true values, your ideals, internal drivers that reflect your daily behavior, the choices you make and your attitude in general;
  • You will gain deep insight regarding the influence of your values on your personal wellbeing;
  • You will gain deep insight in the core patterns in your life that will enhance your essence or might hinder you to live your true essence;
  • You will gain deep insight in how your core patterns relate to your professional life;
  • You will shape new perspectives, based on the gained insights, to questions that are related to your professional life;
  • You will get a grip on what is needed to direct your life in a sustainable way, both professionally and private.

What distinguishes this module compared to others?

  • You can work on the module and complete it at your own pace;
    The module offers confidential support in one-on-one sessions and offers assignments that service your unique experiences, personality and situation;
  • The module can be used for questions/situations that are the most pressing for you at this given moment;
  • Existential insights will be made very concrete and are measurable;
  • The module is not shallow in nature, but approaches your situation at a very deep level and holistic;
  • The module can be used throughout your life when dealing with questions at hand. 

For whom is the module intended?

The method is useful for students, young professionals and  senior professionals as well.

What should I take into account when following the module?

The module can provoke strong reactions. Going through this module independently is possible when you are physically and mentally able to absorb unexpected and strong emotions. If you are currently struggling with instability on a physical, psychological, relational or practical level, this module can have an effect on this. Contact Katharsis Academy if you are unsure whether it is responsible for you to go through this module independently and for support that suits your situation.

What does the personal consultation entail?

The personal consultation is available when you have practical questions about the assignments, you are looking for guidance to give meaning to emotions or insights when going through the module or if you want to discuss  the outcomes. The consultation is offered by Katharsis Academy. Katharsis Academy specializes in meaning, humanization and normative professionalism and offers concrete and sustainable support in dealing with issues around the mentioned fields. The consultation is carried out by telephone or on location and is confidential in nature.


The pricing for the module is euro 423,50 including VAT for participants in Europe. The pricing for participants from the US is 750 US dollar including VAT. Pricing for participants from other regions or on request. Please get in touch with us when this applies to you. 

How do I apply?

In order to receive the module, the following steps are necessary to take: 

  • Apply for the module by filling out the form and send it to Katharsis Academy
  • Katharsis Academy will contact you by phone to get acquainted and to check if the module fits your expectations and needs.


If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] or leave your contact details so we can get in touch with  you. You can also send a whatsapp message for questions at +(31)6- 57912496.

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