The world is continuously subject to unprecedented changes that have been created by man himself, often driven from a ‘strategic self’. These changes entail enormous (unnecessary) complexity and issues. Consider cyclical economic problems, increasing globalization, coherent (system) complexity, various business and organization-related problems and substantial decline in natural resources. These are developments that are clearly visible and therefore exert pressure on organizations and companies, and on society as a whole. On an individual level, a clearly visible increase can be observed in burnouts, meaning issues, alienation and far-reaching ‘psychosocial’ problems with all associated consequences at the levels mentioned above. We seem immensely trapped in (a) human-marginalizing system(s) that demonstrates ‘narc’ and ‘codependent’ dynamics.

It also seems that the knowledge accumulated by man has been completely forgotten, or is -consciously or unconsciously– being disregarded. This concerns the indisputable insights, the wisdoms and the associated meanings with regard to life, in particular its essence, and -related to it- the essence of man.
Katharsis Academy, however, believes that many sustainable, contemporary answers and solutions are obvious when the essence of life, and human beings in particular, are fundamentally centralized, as well as the aspects that accompany them.  

On the one hand, Katharsis contributes in a fundamental way to the necessary development and awareness of everyone’s essence. On the other hand, it also fulfills a critical and constructive role within organizations, educational institutions, governmental institutions, the business community and society as a whole.
By conducting katharsis in two ways, justice is served to the essence of the individual, and thus to its ‘development’, we provide context-related tools to organizations, educational institutions and companies, and we contribute directly to equitable and sustainable community development.

Katharsis Academy considers it its task to serve justice to the individual and thus to make an essential and sustainable contribution to organizations, companies and society as a whole. Katharsis Academy conducts this through the following segmented activities:

If you would like to know what katharsis means for you and how you or your organization can benefit from katharsis, and related activities in particular, please do not hesitate contacting us.

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